There is a Zulu tradition, when in the bush, you will find your path in the African night sky. As a South African, I knew this to be true. There is something to be said about nature…. it soothes the soul. (Wine helps too!)

We stayed in several camps along the way. We used KRUGER LODGE as our base camp to travel up to the northern tip of the park without having to take all our belongings with us.

Olifants camp in Kruger was a pit stop after a long day, where you can chill, relax, and listen to the bush. There are BBQ facilities, however, you are staying in a rondavel (thatched hut) so it’s really to lay your head for the night.

It’s no easy feat to drive in South Africa, the roads are terrifying, full of potholes, animals crossing and taxi’s overtaking on solid white lines and on blind rises!!! It’s literally everyone for themselves! I’m not going to say that travelling 4000km on South African roads was easy for me. There were times when I was given a muscle relaxant, my chair laid flat, and I was told to ‘go to sleep’. My travel partner certainly impressed me with her driving skills, however, I was relieved to get to point B for the night and all those other nights that followed.

There is something to be said about sisterhood. Nothing compares to having a best friend to lend an ear, it saves you a fortune in the long run, on psychology bills. We bonded, spoke on every subject under the sun and really enjoyed each other’s company. We felt like real companions without the sex. Like a married couple really!

I am still on my journey. Next stop Greece. Why Greece? Why not?