At the tender age of 55, I am living alone for the first time in my life!

I don’t think I have ever really been alone. Sometimes I think it is overrated!

8 months later, I am now in Greece. I have rented an apartment in Athens for 6 months to see how things will pan out. Greece, because two of my daughters are in Athens and in this way, we shall at least all be in the same country, albeit in our own apartments.

My first week in: I have a chest infection from sleeping with the aircon on all night!

I don’t go out into the sun during the day. I’m terrified of damaging my skin!

Grocery deliveries are the fastest in the world!

The Greek men are gorgeous! (I’m not looking!)

I am learning the Greek alphabet, at least to be able to read the basics. Nothing is in English! My daughter mentioned to me in the supermarket, that reading Greek (when you know the word!) is like reading English drunk! So true.

I have nevertheless downloaded every app on my phone, including Uber, Beat, food delivery services and a translating app from Greek to English, as my learning to read basics is not going to plan.

I need to find some form of exercise here, as gravity is not my friend. The Greeks seem to be keen on fitness and seemingly everyone has a private instructor. Watch this space!

The smell of Jasmine is everywhere. The sunset from my balcony is breathtaking.

I am writing this from my daughter’s apartment (I’ve been here 3 days) and I have already been roped into house-sitting her dog for the weekend!!

Such is family!

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