Many of us reach mid-life feeling as young as we did in our twenties and thirties. We now have more freedom to travel (the children have left home, and there is more disposable income), but ironically, we want peace and quiet. Our tolerance levels are at their lowest ever. We need to remove everything stressful from our lives, and we often think we have lost touch with our partners as life takes us on different journeys.

If we are being honest, the body is showing signs of age. However, I love myself more than I did when I was in my twenties, thirties or forties, for that matter. Yes, the arms are sagging, the tummy is rounder, and my neck is not looking happy. Albeit these minor issues, my brain is sharper and more precise. Yes, there are moments I walk to fetch something, and I cannot remember why or what I’m supposed to be fetching! It doesn’t faze me; I think, ah, well, it couldn’t have been important! I believe this is the key. What is essential now, and what isn’t?

Then before you know it, you are back on the dating scene after being married for half a lifetime. We cannot compete with the young and nubile, but why should we? We are strong, independent women with a wealth of knowledge. Men in my age group from 49 (yes, I know 49 is not my age group!) to 65 are still sticking their necks out for younger women. Those who have learnt a hard lesson now find themselves with toddlers at the mature age of 50+, starting again from the beginning with endless kids’ birthday parties; school fees until they are 70 odd and no guarantee that this will take them to paradise.

Don’t get me wrong; I fully understand the attraction for a young, firm body, myself included. Single, older men all seem to have a fungal infection of the toes, skinny legs, and some legs with no hair around the tops of the legs from wearing socks permanently. And we will not mention hairs that grow out of every orifice!! If we can look past this and use our brains this time instead of the body to connect, this may take us to paradise! Most older men I have spoken to are not looking for a sexy body but someone they can connect with on an intellectual level. Which is pretty much a relief, is it not?!