Coming home

South Africa is on the hot side in the summer. The only problem is that even if you have an air conditioner, you would not be able to use it as often as you would like as there is something extraordinary called Load Shedding. Yes, everyone has the app to get notified when they will be without electricity so they can plan accordingly. The reason always seems to be that there has been little or no maintenance at the power plants. We seem to take this in our stride, plug in our solar lamps, and hopefully remember to download a movie to watch in bed, and you have either cooked a meal or have a gas stove to make a meal. Those with generators are lucky (not so lucky due to the [...]

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Getting old gracefully

Many of us reach mid-life feeling as young as we did in our twenties and thirties. We now have more freedom to travel (the children have left home, and there is more disposable income), but ironically, we want peace and quiet. Our tolerance levels are at their lowest ever. We need to remove everything stressful from our lives, and we often think we have lost touch with our partners as life takes us on different journeys. If we are being honest, the body is showing signs of age. However, I love myself more than I did when I was in my twenties, thirties or forties, for that matter. Yes, the arms are sagging, the tummy is rounder, and my neck is not looking happy. Albeit these minor issues, my brain is [...]

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How many of us have thought about a ‘DOING’ Shirley Valentine?

I was sick to death of propping up the cushions on the sofa every time I went into the living room! After 27 years of marriage, by this stage, I was still trying to come up with a dinner menu night after night. Everyone was still expecting dinner! 🤯 I didn’t want to cook anymore! Raising children and working full time, I was exhausted! And then POOF, it was all over! The cliché of having an empty nest, on top of menopause brought up some questions in my mind ‘What should I be doing now?’ (Considering that I still had a good 25 years ahead of me!) I decided to take a year off and travel alone. It was now or never before the grandchildren arrived. Husband? well he is still behind [...]

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There is a Zulu tradition, when in the bush, you will find your path in the African night sky. As a South African, I knew this to be true. There is something to be said about nature…. it soothes the soul. (Wine helps too!) We stayed in several camps along the way. We used KRUGER LODGE as our base camp to travel up to the northern tip of the park without having to take all our belongings with us. Olifants camp in Kruger was a pit stop after a long day, where you can chill, relax, and listen to the bush. There are BBQ facilities, however, you are staying in a rondavel (thatched hut) so it’s really to lay your head for the night. It’s no easy feat to drive in [...]

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Living life after 50!

LIVING WELL AFTER 50! GREECE At the tender age of 55, I am living alone for the first time in my life! I don’t think I have ever really been alone. Sometimes I think it is overrated! 8 months later, I am now in Greece. I have rented an apartment in Athens for 6 months to see how things will pan out. Greece, because two of my daughters are in Athens and in this way, we shall at least all be in the same country, albeit in our own apartments. My first week in: I have a chest infection from sleeping with the aircon on all night! I don’t go out into the sun during the day. I’m terrified of damaging my skin! Grocery deliveries are the fastest in the [...]

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